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About RBM LED Signs

RBM LED Signs allow businesses to have a strong market presence. RBM LED SIGNS are perfect for engaging clients and customers, sharing information and entertaining in unique and innovative ways. RBM delivers high quality products and is very customer service oriented. RBM and its partners through the US and Canada work closely with their clients to help in every step of the way.

RBM LED Signs offers high resolution digital sign
products for outdoor and indoor use!

High Resolution Digital Signs
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Outdoor LED Displays

Our experience and expertise in the field is our most valuable asset,
one that will help you navigate & prosper in your industry

In today’s marketing world, promotions is everything! RBM LED Signs provides a highly effective advertising tool that can create engagement and inform in any industry.

Places of Worship

An LED display on a place of worship is a great way for any building of faith to help spread the word of their beliefs and to increase numbers of members.


RDM LED Sign’s digital displays is a great way to keep Teachers, Students, Parents and the rest of the community informed about all the events happening in the school.

Convenience Stores

RDM LED Sign’s digital signage is a sure driver of traffic for any convenience store.  It helps display any sales they have going or helps them cross promote products.

Sporting Venues

Setting up LED digital signs inside and/or outside sporting events will for sure fire up fans of the home team!  Display the score, stats and all things pertaining to the game, beautifully.

Credit Unions & Banks

Financial institutions have always been a trendsetter in the LED signage industry. Display all business hours and important offers in style!

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls have lots of foot traffic and many eager eyes looking for the next big sale. With multi-tenant business, LED digital signs is a great way to give customers a quick look at current sales and offers!

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars can surely benefit from having proper a proper digital billboard outside of their establishment. It serves as a great way to let hungry customers know their meals of the day, their restaurant’s top sellers, prices, news of events and more!

Car / Auto Dealerships

Running a sale on a certain make and model?  Perhaps you should consider getting an outdoor digital sign to promote your low rates and sales on any vehicles at your dealership!

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